10 Best B2B eCommerce Marketplaces in the World 2024

B2B eCommerce Marketplaces
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With the evolving technology, there is more ease in doing trivial chores and business operations. Many people are reaping benefits from the rise of mobile applications in the eCommerce sector. This includes businesses and customers who are immensely grateful for this invention. Online B2B eCommerce marketplaces are critical in building a bridge between buyers and sellers and letting new businesses develop their voices online.

They play a key role in discovering new products equally helpful for clients, retailers, and manufacturers.

eCommerce applications now play a significant role in maintaining the global trade of any country. Industries are equally affected by this change that has transformed the whole phenomenon of buying and selling goods. 

In 2022, sales in the eCommerce sector exceeded the limit of 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide and are only predicted to grow in the upcoming years.

List of the top 10 B2B eCommerce marketplaces in the world for the year 2024

The businesses are expanding at an exponential rate to meet the needs of the growing population.

Among this, there is a dire need for authentic and verified marketplaces that customers can easily trust with their personal and financial information.

1. eWorldTrade

eworldtrade B2B eCommerce Marketplace
Image Source: eworldtrade.com

eWorldTrade has remained a pioneering B2B marketplace of the world with its ten years of expertise in the eCommerce sector. 

They have built around 500,000 registered users with extreme dedication and commitment to staying true to their values and goals. 

Moreover, they provide numerous benefits to their sellers and buyers to keep up with their positive brand name and services.


One-stop Solution– eWorldTrade has worked hard to stay one step ahead of its competitors and address all the new market changes and trends.

Transparent Operations– They provide complete transparency to their clients, whether businesses or customers purchasing goods.

Global Trade Shows- They also host global trade shows to increase the reach of their business customers and build a community of verified suppliers and manufacturers.

2. DHgate

DHgate B2B eCommerce Marketplace
Image Source: dhgate.com

DHgate is a Chinese B2B and B2C platform that is known for its exceptional services and goods that are shipped all around the world at competitive prices. They assist all types of businesses in reaching their goals and unleash their potential.


Affiliate Program This program attracts potential partners looking for a wholesale or manufacturing source to start their business.

Tracking- This feature allows their customers to track their products anytime they want and get updates about their parcels.

3. Amazon

Image Source: amazon.com

Amazon is a well-known B2B eCommerce marketplace that provides an inclusive environment with its latest and innovative features and technology. They gain their working drive from their customers rather than competitors and aim to make online shopping safer and secure.

They also want to help businesses reach their goals and milestones towards building a better platform.


Eco-friendly Initiative- Amazon dedicatedly promotes the benefits of eco-friendly packaging and delivery that can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other problems threatening nature.

Many Subsidiaries- They also have multiple subsidiaries like Amazon Web Service, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Publishing, and so on to satisfy more of their customers’ needs.

Amazon News This is another excellent section of options that provides the latest news and details about their every service and any new change they will implement.

4. eBay

Image Source: ebay.com

eBay ranks among the best B2B eCommerce marketplaces that have transformed the online marketplace. They provide numerous benefits guaranteed to comfort customers and growth for businesses.

They also have a vast directory of products, about 1.9 billion, and verified sellers with almost every product you might desire. 


Artificial Intelligence- eBay leverages AI to provide seamless operations to their business customers to help them in their functions while saving much time and effort.

eBay Newsroom- This is an official news channel for eBay where they post their recent upgrades or inspire their clients about the latest achievements of their sellers and manufacturers.

5. Alibaba

Image Source: alibaba.com

Alibaba is a leading B2B eCommerce marketplace for global trade that works mainly to make trade easier for local and international communities. They have about 200M+ products on their websites that cater to the needs of their millions of customers.

This has also assisted them in building a loyal community of more than 200k suppliers from every possible industry and sector.


Business Offerings- You can freely explore products and suppliers for your business through several offerings available at Alibaba.

Assured Quality- They are strict in maintaining the top-notch quality of their products and services, which has made them come so far with a reliable name in the market.

Personalized Trading- They also provide the tailored support needed for your business’ growth, along with free samples of products.

6. Global Sources

Global Sources
Image Source: globalsources.com

Global Sources is an internationally recognized B2B sourcing platform promoting authentic trade through its multichannel business subsidiaries.

They provide its sellers with trustworthy market information and tailored sourcing solutions that will help them increase their reach. Global Sources serves about 10 million registered B2B buyers with quality products and services.


Trade show- They also host trade shows in Hong Kong, where they increase the brand visibility of their small and medium-sized businesses for partnership and community building.

Live Streaming- They also host virtual meetings and live streaming for their customers to showcase their new collection or holiday discounts powered by their AI.

Match- Match is their free, customized business matching service that carefully evaluates businesses’ sourcing requirements and matches accurate partners according to that.

7. ECPlaza

Image Source: ecplaza.net

ECPlaza is a reliable B2B platform providing online and offline services to its 1,000,000 members. They have built a worldwide network where they cater to the needs of several businesses from every corner of the world.


Refund & Return- This is an excellent benefit for their customers. It allows them to refund and return any parcel they want.

Unique Products- They also provide unique products specially curated for your business ventures with your designed logo and packaging.

8. EC21

Image Source: ec21.com

EC21 was founded in 1997 by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), which has helped all types of businesses, from small startups to medium-sized businesses.

They have a range of services and offices around d the world where they adequately address customers’ queries and problems. Moreover, their user-friendly interface helps you navigate any product you want within seconds.


TradeVerify- This is an authentication and verification service provided by EC21 to ensure their business partners that their platform is legal and is indeed associated as a trading partner.

Agent Program- This program targets sales agents for their brands. It opens new job opportunities for individuals interested in marketing their products with high profits and benefits.

Buying Leads- Another great thing about EC21’s platform is that they continuously renew their buying leads according to their customers and provide a chance for any manufacturer looking to sell that product.

9. Made-in-China

Image Source: made-in-china.com

Made-in-China is a renowned B2B marketplace committed to providing more business opportunities for small businesses in China. They provide millions of products manufactured from the Chinese market to all around the globe to increase their export rate.

Furthermore, they serve more than 20,000,000 registered and satisfied buyers with high-quality products.


Smart Expo- They conduct their smart expo annually, presenting various technologies and consumer goods targeting consumers and businesses with numerous exhibitions.

Easy Sourcing- This is a great time-saving tool for buyers. It allows them to post sourcing requests and get quotations from suppliers for free without wasting any effort.

Video Channel- Made-in-China also has a video channel showcasing its new products and unboxing and functioning products.

10. Faire

Image Source: faire.com

Faire is another well-established B2B marketplace that wants to promote local brands and assist them in their growth. They showcase over 100,000 independent brands through their single platform and want to empower entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.

They simplify and automate all the operations of various businesses to help them focus on other essential things.


Flexible Payment Options- They provide flexible payment terms to their businesses as they can easily pay the money within 60 days without any interest whenever they have the budget.

Free Return- Faire also allows free return of products and services whenever customers want. They provide a prepaid shipping label to make the process much easier.


These are the best B2B platforms you can find from anywhere worldwide. They provide an authentic list of buyers and sellers while maintaining strict policies and regulations. You can carefully review them to find the one that suits your needs.