How WhatsApp Commerce Revolutionized the Global Marketplace?

WhatsApp Commerce


WhatsApp presents the simplest way to connect, so WhatsApp commerce is picking up the pace like never before. In this blog, we will consider the role of WhatsApp commerce in transforming the global marketplace in 2024.

WhatsApp is a conversational commerce where businesses can interact with their users to sell online. E-commerce businesses can sell their products using WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp offers customers an excellent deal and a delightful experience via chat while buying something. Moreover, about 92% of customers prefer WhatsApp over phone calls, email, or other social media.

E-commerce businesses must choose the best WhatsApp campaign tools for an effective WhatsApp commerce strategy. Several WhatsApp marketing software in the market run WhatsApp campaigns to engage users, boost sales, and provide better customer support.

To name a few are; WebMaxy, Wati, BusinessOnBot, Interakt, What-Sender etc.

The key point is the potential these WhatsApp campaign tools offer and how they can transform the global marketplace in 2024.

So, let’s discuss several features of this WhatsApp marketing software so that it gets easy for businesses to decide on taking them up to scale their business.

Features of WhatsApp marketing tools

1. Abandoned cart notifications

Many e-commerce businesses face the abandoned cart problem, which accounts for around 80%. Here, eight individuals out of 10 add products to their carts but don’t buy because they forget to check out.

WhatsApp commerce allows sending automated notifications to users for such abandoned carts in terms of friendly reminders. This helps users complete their purchase, making their buying journey on WhatsApp worthwhile.

By using this simple WhatsApp e-commerce strategy, businesses can recover 45-60% of abandoned carts. This feature of WhatsApp marketing is truly beneficial to recover sales.

2. WhatsApp catalog

This WhatsApp marketing feature allows e-commerce owners to showcase their products and services directly on WhatsApp in a separate panel. This makes it simple for customers to view the products, browse them, and place orders there.

Users can browse WhatsApp catalogs, learn about several products, click on any item, and get detailed product descriptions to help them decide whether to buy.

As it involves one-to-one communication, users get an absolute shopping experience that gives a feeling of shopping in a physical store.

3. Sending promotional messages

Discounts and offers are everybody’s favorite! When users get those discounts and offers instantly on their WhatsApp, there is a chance that they will be tempted by those offers and benefit from them.

E-commerce businesses can use this WhatsApp marketing campaign to send promotional messages to boost sales multifold.

With WhatsApp Business API, e-commerce businesses can send promotional messages, including discounts, new offers, and clickable buttons.

Moreover, by using targeted WhatsApp campaigns or WhatsApp’s broadcast feature, businesses can send promotional messages.

4. Automated notifications

WhatsApp eCommerce allows the integration of AI technology to send automated notifications for delivery updates, order confirmation, payment confirmation or payment reminders, abandoned cart reminders, subscription reminders, and newsletters.

Undoubtedly, these automated notifications enhance customer experience and help build brand loyalty. Such notifications also play a vital role in the success of any e-commerce business.

WhatsApp marketing software, such as WebMaxyis equipped with advanced technology that provides the best solution for automated notifications.

5. Chatbot integration

An expert salesperson always plays a vital role in the success of any business. For WhatsApp commerce, the chatbot plays that role. Integrating chatbots is a very crucial step for your WhatsApp eCommerce Store.

WhatsApp Chatbot helps with the common questions related to your brand, pre-sale or post-sale queries, and also instantly informs users about your brand so that they get engaged for further assistance.

In addition, you can create a WhatsApp broadcast campaign and schedule it for automated delivery.

With the advanced sales and marketing tools of WebMaxy, you can utilize WhatsApp chatbot for personalized engagement and complete transaction processes.

6. Customer engagement on a personal level

When it comes to e-commerce business, personalizing your customers’ experiences can be a game changer! If you engage with your customers personally, there are fewer chances that they will report you as spam.

On the other hand, it increases the chances that they continue engaging with your brand.

Employing a chatbot can be helpful for personalized engagement as it can easily gather and process data that can be explicitly used. With this, businesses can recommend users with customized product suggestions, relevant offers, and other non-junk marketing information.

By using customer segmentation data, businesses can target particular customers to send payment transaction details and shipping updates.

WebMaxy helps you integrate WhatsApp marketing tools that can be leveraged to engage customers and retain them for further purchases. You can sign up here to get more insights from WebMaxy.

7. Upsell and Cross-sell

This WhatsApp marketing campaign can be employed when the order is confirmed. With an order confirmation message, you can suggest other related products and services in which customers might be interested.

Moreover, you can target the customers who are your previous buyers. You can retarget those customers by sending them discounts and offers to encourage repeat purchases.

You can also use personalized messaging to launch WhatsApp campaigns, send reminders and alerts, and cross-sell goods.

All these features of WhatsApp marketing software will boost your sales and help you outshine your competitors. But the important thing to know is that you must partner with a reliable WhatsApp Business solution provider.

WebMaxy is trusted by many e-commerce businesses to be a perfect assistant for you. So, give it a try! Book your demo today.

Why should you choose WhatsApp Commerce as your prominent marketing channel in 2024?

  • Builds strong relationships with customers
  • Lowers marketing cost
  • It has a very well-done UX design
  • Increases conversion rates up to 7x
  • Excellent customer support
  • Boost sales by sending promotional messages
  • Improves relations and connectivity


WhatsApp commerce is undoubtedly an important component of conversational commerce.WhatsApp has more than 2.2 Billion users globallyan enormous audience reach.

Hence, WhatsApp marketing tools will be essential in revolutionizing the global marketplace in 2024.

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