What is Domain Authority and How to Enhance it?

domain authority


Along with many other ranking parameters, Google uses domain authority scores too for ranking your website. So, while you struggle to optimize your website to rank higher; don’t ignore the domain authority score as it can impact your SERP ranking a lot.

Now wondering what domain authority is and how can you enhance it to better your ranking.

Well, you have landed at the right place!

We have brought a brief intro to domain authority and how it is calculated. Also, this article includes some helpful tips by which you can improve your domain authority score.

What is meant by Domain Authority Score?

Domain authority is a metric created by Moz which tells the relevance and quality of your content compared to the industry or topic you are targeting. Domain authority score predicts your ranking in SERPs. 

The score is from 1 to 100 and as high your score is, the better chance it has to be ranked higher. In short, the domain authority score reflects the strength of your content or site in the form of rankings.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

You must have also heard the term page authority and may confuse that with domain authority. Well, both are authority scores but the Page authority is for a single webpage ranking and the Domain authority is for the whole domain or website. 

While domain authority is the collective strength of all pages and measures their ranking capability, page authority shows the authority of an individual page instead. These page authority scores may benefit the DA of a site and improve its ranking along with its rankings.

What is considered a Good Domain Authority Score?

DA score below 30 or 20 is considered poor. Well, this score is not the only factor that affects your google ranking but the algorithm is made to simulate all the parameters Google uses and predict how good a rank a site can have.

For example, high authority sites such as Apple or Microsoft have DA scores of 95 to 100. A new website might get a DA score of 10 or 20 but it can be improved with time and effort. 

Also while you start improving your DA, have a look at competitors’ scores so you can effectively work to improve it.

Domain authority checkers

Although there are many other tools to check a site’s DA but most commonly used algorithm is Moz. Some of the key factors that Moz uses to assign a DA score to a website are:

  • MozRank calculates the number of inbound links and their quality that links to any webpage on your site.
  • Root links or the number of links coming from different sites. Multiple Links from the same site are recorded as 1 link only.
  • The number of times a good authority page has linked you back is checked via link profile.
  • MozTrust checks the linked site’s authority and credibility.
  • How user-friendly is your website and how easy to use its structure for Google to crawl pages during a search?

How can you increase Domain Authority?

Don’t frustrate yourself over low DA. You might be wondering why after so many links and SEO measures why your website’s ranking is low.

Well, it’s not just about hard work and following the guidelines as it is. It is about smart play!

Let us give you some quick tips and tricks that can not only boost your DA score but make your site more trustable and authoritative.

1. Quality Backlinks

In addition to DA, score backlinks play an important role in making your site look reliable and increasing its ranking. Even the best content and most easy-to-use website structure would be ranked lower without any backlinks.

So to climb up higher in SERPs and improve your DA make sure to add good quality backlinks from reputable sites. You can search top referral links and link them with relevance to your content and services.

Another tip is to check your competitor’s backlinks and request similar sites for linking. You can also offer them guest posting to get linked with them.

2. Engaging and optimized content

Be it SEO or DA improvement, content is a major factor that your ranking depends on. Focus on creating content that attracts viewers and engager them more on your site. With a lower bounce rate and more views, your ranking will improve for sure.

Use of the right keywords according to your industry, using synonyms of your focused keywords, and engaging and relevant information are key to success. If your content is helpful to users they will surely mention or share it on other platforms thus boosting your authority score.

3. Remove bad backlinks

As much as links are important to improve your DA, they can kill it too. So, don’t go hasty in just putting the backlinks on your site. Make sure to link with only quality and trustworthy sites. Audit your website and check for any bad or spam backlinks and remove them.

This is necessary to present your site as credible and improve your website’s health and DA score.

4. Improve User Experience

No one visits a site that is tough to navigate on and find a certain topic. To improve your site’s authority try to make its structure easy to understand and use. All the tabs and content like blogs, products description, etc. must be visibly available and users can move through your site without any difficulty.

Another important factor is to make your site mobile-friendly as most of the users connect via smartphones or tablets. A website with reduced features and elements in mobile won’t be a success.

5. Better internal linking

With external linking and its impact on DA comes the necessity of good internal linking. This helps Google to index your content more easily and crawl pages during a search. Make sure to link your site’s pages and blogs properly. Anchor text must link to the relevant page or blog on your site.

6. Faster loading pages

Apart from other factors, a page’s loading speed also plays an important part in Google’ Algorithm for ranking. Faster loading pages results in more views, customers, and sales. This, in turn, make your site popular, and trustable and hence improve your DA.

7. Social media promotion

Another way to enhance your DA is to make a good content promotion strategy. With email marketing and social media promotions, you can engage more audiences and get links from good DA sites. 

Final points!

Domain Authority is important, but don’t get overstressed by it. There is no one way to improve that or the golden plan. All you have to do is to perfect individual factors and together they will join up to make your site rank higher.

This won’t come easy and will take a lot of time to master. You can also take help from link builder sites or managing teams to make your SEO strategy right and improve your DA.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. Best of luck with your site’s authority building!

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