Twitter SEO: 15 Tips to Boost Your Website SEO using Twitter

Twitter SEO


Are you looking to get more website traffic? This article discovers the secret behind the SEO strategy of driving traffic through Twitter.

Do you sometimes wonder why your website ranks lower in Google search results despite having SEO-rich content? SEO raises your website’s ranking in search engine results, and search engines help deliver new users to your website. 

However, most of you must learn that more than simply including SEO-optimized content on your website is required.

You must use different SEO strategies to increase organic traffic to your website. What if we told you, you are seriously missing out if you have a website and are not on Twitter?

Statistic: Number of monetizable daily active Twitter users

With 237.8 million daily active users, Twitter has become a formidable marketing tool. It’s an excellent platform for advertising products and services and sharing content. 

Keep reading If you are keen to learn how Twitter can help your website rank higher on Google by improving its SEO. We’ll share some crucial tips for enhancing your website’s SEO, so let’s get started.

Use Twitter for SEO

Twitter is a social media platform that connects individuals and allows them to share their ideas with a broader audience. So, why not use it to raise awareness of your website?

Xbox, Chanel, Samsung Mobile, and Starbucks are just a few well-known companies that use Twitter to promote their products. They interact with their audience by sharing new products and promotional flyers.

These influential brands understand the value of Twitter. When you visit these brands’ accounts, you’ll note that they do an excellent job attracting followers by retweeting and interacting with them.

If well-known firms are using Twitter to expand their reach, why shouldn’t you? Effective Twitter use can help your website’s search engine results.

The question is, how can Twitter assist you in doing so correctly? The solution is as simple as posting on the platform. Using keywords for SEO on Twitter is similar to those for SEO on blogs and other media. 

Is Twitter Good for SEO?

Twitter can be used for various purposes, including customer support, product updates, and participation in business-related conversations. It is the go-to network for increasing your website visibility. 

Yes, Twitter aids in SEO. Twitter and Google teamed up in 2015, revolutionizing how SEO works. In exchange for processing tweets in search results, Google granted access to the Twitter stream.

It also aids Twitter in obtaining real-time information, especially as the platform is a source of news, global updates, and other information.

Search engines genuinely use social media signals to rank your website. Likes, shares, and comments can all significantly impact SEO.

If you get a lot of likes and shares on your Twitter post, it will help many people find your website.

According to cognitive SEO, the higher a brand’s average number of shares, comments, and likes, the higher its website rank.

However, as previously stated, you must use Twitter “correctly” to achieve your goal. How do you do it? We’re here to give some ideas that can help you get a lot of likes and shares on your posts, enhancing the SEO of your website.

15 Proven Tips

You are optimizing your website for keywords, establishing links, and posting excellent blog entries are just some of the ways to boost your website’s SEO. You can also use your Twitter account to your advantage.

1. Discuss Trending Topics

Discussing trending topics can help capture new audiences’ attention while retaining your present ones. So, ensure your tweets represent how relevant, engaging, and trendy you and your content are.

To simplify it, Twitter introduced tailored trends in 2012 to help you learn about trends in your location and the users you follow.

Twitter trending topics can help you stay current on subjects relevant to your audience. Keep an eye on these lists and ensure your selections are as close to the audiences you’re aiming for!

2. Use Relevant and Popular Hashtags

Incorporate relevant hashtags in your tweets. It will allow you to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). From Google’s perspective, it’s vital to understand that your primary Twitter profile is just like any other page with a headline, body material, and links.

As with any other carrier, keyword-rich content and relevant and popular hashtags on Twitter are more likely to rank well on Google.

Tweets with relevant hashtags earn roughly twice as much engagement and views as those without hashtags. Hence, this is not to say that you should use many hashtags in every tweet.

Posts filled with hashtags appear tacky and are otherwise obtrusive. Instead, use hashtags that are current and relevant.

3. Use Hashtagify

It is difficult to determine which hashtags are sometimes relevant on Twitter. You can learn about hot hashtags by using the Hashtagify app. Hashtagify is the most advanced tool for tracking Twitter and Instagram hashtags.

It helps you locate the ideal hashtags to reach your target audience, provides personalized recommendations, and assists you in getting to know your influencers and competitors better.

The tool provides a detailed chronology of when the hashtag is most commonly used and how we will use it. The app is also completely free.

4. Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter provides two search options to the users. Based on their preferences, users can use any. These search options are the general search feature and advanced search feature.

You can narrow your search using Twitter’s advanced search filter based on exact dates, locations, accounts, languages, and phrases.

Using Twitter’s advanced search feature, you can use your data to improve your website and locate specific tweets.

It’s a fantastic tool for fine-tuning your searches to get the desired results while evaluating your target audience’s preferences.

5. Add Relevant Twitter Handle and Bio

You can boost Google search visibility through what you write in your Twitter profile. That’s why the Bio in your profile and the Twitter handle you pick to create your account are essential factors in increasing website SEO.

You want to make your Bio stand with only 160 characters. For starters, the Bio is how you make that all-important first impression. 

Given that your Twitter profile frequently appears on the top page of Google, you want your initial impression with new people to convey your ideas, website, and mission appropriately.

It provides an opportunity to introduce and link to your website briefly. It lets you include phrases, emojis, and hashtags to catch their attention.

6. Use of Keywords in Bio

Keywords are essential in SEO. Users searching for a term or phrase will appear on Google if your page contains that keyword. It applies to more than just websites; it also applies to Twitter.

Not only will this increase the number of people who see your tweets on Twitter, but those terms will also include in Google’s search engine. 

For instance, if you own a photography studio, including a specific term like “wedding photographers” will help you rank high on Google.

7. Share Your Website Content or Blogs on Twitter

It would be best to generate social signals for your website; therefore, tweet your blog posts more frequently. Sharing your blog or website on Twitter will also notify Google that your links are valuable enough to rank in search results.

Increase the number of shares for your blog posts and pages regularly. There are numerous tools available to assist you in scheduling your blog articles and links to be published on Twitter according to a schedule you set.

You can choose the optimum moments to publish your blog’s perennial content. You can also schedule the weekly links to be shared on Twitter.

8. Insert Images and Videos in Your Tweets

Tweets containing images get more clicks than those without images. Tweets containing images garner 150% more retweets than those without them. People are more drawn to pictures, leading to more clicks equals a higher ranking.

It’s a fantastic technique for those of you trying to promote your website or product. Tweeting images can help you boost interaction with your audience, establish a profile that people will want to visit and remember, and enhance your page identity frequently.

However, you must incorporate images that are both relevant and engaging.

9. Share Content that Piques Your Follower’s Interest

Being trendy isn’t enough; you must share relevant material with your audiences. Content that piques the interest of your followers and others is more likely to generate clicks.

So, if you want to increase your ranking on Google, make sure your material is appealing to your audience and gives value.  

Put yourself in your followers’ shoes and learn about their everyday issues and critical duties.

Then consider how they can connect with your content or your brand. How can they benefit from your services? These factors will enlighten you about your followers’ interests, and you can modify your website to their preferences.

10. Mention Other Accounts in Your Tweets

Mentioning Other Accounts, Interacting with other relevant accounts, and tagging them in tweets can help increase search presence.

You need to be careful with that, as you need to mention those people who can generate more audience for your tweet. 

You can mention influencers, key publications, and thought leaders in your space and ensure you regularly engage with them on Twitter.

11. Adding Location in Bio

Including your location in your Bio can help your website or business rank higher on Google. Many users use location to narrow down their Google search. This way, you can reach more people and rank higher on Google.

If you’re Bio specifies in your Bio that you are a New York or London-based marketing agency, and you tweet about it.

Your tweets will match those terms and may surface as a search result when people search for New York or London digital marketing agencies. 

12. Run Polls and Giveaways

Giveaway is the most well-known approach for attracting new consumers and promoting your business or website. It increases:

  • New Followers
  • More clicks
  • More engagement on your Tweet 

These factors are critical for ranking your page on Google. Not only that but in this manner, you may always spread the word about your webpage or product.

Suppose you’ve ever entered a giveaway on Instagram. In that case, you’ll know that the first rule is to “follow the account” on Twitter People can enter the giveaway contest by retweeting one of your tweets.

You can increase the ranks of your website or blog article by including a link in the tweet—most of the handouts. Hosting polls is just as simple, if not easier, than running a giveaway.

13. Engage with Your Followers

Getting noticed on Twitter might be challenging at times. Since people send over 6000 tweets every second, yours could easily be lost in the shuffle. Twitter is constantly bustling with activity.

The platform is hungry for up-to-the-minute information, and everything will get old rapidly.

Engaging with people already in contact with you rather than users who aren’t is the best strategy to enhance your website rating. In this manner, you can attract new people as well.

You might do this by crafting tailored replies relevant to your business and audience; you’ll gain a lot of engagement and boost on Google.

Encourage users to interact with you by tweeting relevant content, mentioning other Twitter users, and responding immediately to mentions. It will increase your retweets, comments, and likes.

14. Participating in Hot Threads

Twitter Thread is just a long comment chain of tweets. Several brands, including Nandos, Google, KFC, Dominoes, Heinz, and Krispy Kreme, have participated in various threads.

The most famous and recent was one by Weetabix; the post gained much attention, prompting numerous firms to hop on board and share their amusing reactions.

Because of twitters’ popularity, it has recently been incorporated into Twitter’s platform. Participating in Twitter threads might earn you maximum reach. 

Buffer, a social media software company, conducted an experiment using their Twitter threads to see if it helps enhance engagement. The results indicated that threads outperformed solo tweets in almost every category except link clicks.

15. Be Consistent on Twitter

Last but not least, you must maintain consistency on Twitter. The more, the better mentality works well on Twitter. But wait, you must publish strategically; else, search engines will perceive your tweets as spam and may penalize you.

A high number of postings daily may upset your target audience, causing them to click the “unfollow” button.

Make a social media timetable, list your tweets ahead of time, and decide when to post them. Numerous social media management programmers can assist you in scheduling tweets on Twitter.


Twitter can be one of the most efficient ways to promote a website and for your brand recognition.

Following our stated best practices, you can quickly develop a significant Twitter presence that supports your website aims and objectives.

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