Top 10 Best VPN Services for PCs 2024

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With the emergence of the internet and the digitalization of the world, the associated threats and crimes also increased. Now, it is a significant concern for the ordinary and office working population to safeguard themselves from the ever-growing cybercrimes and online theft.

Online security and privacy are important for every PC user worldwide because of the increasing scrutiny and surveillance of users’ browsing history.

This paved the way for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that promised to encrypt the complete internet usage of users while blocking any third-party vendors from prying or accessing any information of the internet users.

VPNs provide several benefits and a safe tunnel through which users can safely browse the internet while unlocking restricted and blocked content.

These VPNs are available worldwide, with many new and innovative features coming out every other month. However, the sign of the best VPNs is that they keep themselves up to date with all the latest trends and changes in the market.

List of best VPN services for PC

These VPN servers act as an extra layer of privacy that blocks any malware attacks while providing a seamless internet experience to their users.

Below is a list of all the best VPN services you can get help with. This list was made after carefully considering all the features and benefited a good VPN should offer.

1. FastestVPN

Fastest VPN
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Overview- FastestVPN is the best VPN for PCs because of its highly experienced and dedicated IT specialists, who provide unparalleled services and address queries within minutes. They keep upgrading and updating their technology and services to maintain customer satisfaction.

So far, they have built a loyal community of around 1 million happy customers. They offer many benefits exclusively for PC users, as they can enjoy all sorts of entertainment with complete anonymity and fast speed without the fear of lagging or buffering issues.

Connections- 10 multi-device connections.


  • Smart Tunneling
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Kill Switch
  • NAT Firewall
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switching
  • Reliable Speed
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Strict No-Log Policy
  • Ad-Blocker and Multiple Protocols


  • 1 Month Plan ($3 per month)
  • 1-Year Plan ($1.66 per month)
  • Lifetime Plan ($40)

2. NordVPN

Nord VPN
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Overview- NordVPN is a leading VPN server trusted by tech experts and users from various businesses and countries. It aims to become a one-stop shop for all tools and protection gears required for a safe browsing experience.

They provide various security passwords and locks for applications and documents to protect your computer’scomputer’s privacy.

Connections- Multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Split Tunneling
  • Smart DNS
  • Private DNS
  • Double VPN
  • Dark Web Monitor
  • Threat Protection
  • Meshnet
  • Dedicated IP
  • Secure Encryption
  • No User Tracking
  • Hides IP
  • DNS Leak
  • Enhanced Online Security and MFA Protection


  • Standard Plan ($3.79 per month)
  • Complete Plan ($5.79 per month)
  • Plus Plan ($4.79 per month)

3. ExpressVPN

Express VPN
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Overview- ExpressVPN is among the best VPN services available worldwide. It is one of the best VPN services for computers, supporting multiple devices while maintaining consistent quality.

They are great for streaming videos, gaming, shopping, and all types of entertainment you can get through your PC.

Connections- Eight multiple devices at the same time.


  • Key Password Manager
  • Policy Against Logs
  • Tracker Blocker
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Private DNS
  • Network Lock Kill Switch
  • Lightway Protocol
  • Best-In-Class Encryption
  • Lightning-Fast Speed
  • Support of Multiple Platforms and Split Tunneling


  • 1 Month Plan ($12.95 per month)
  • 6 Months Plan ($9.99 per month)
  • 12 Months Plan ($6.67 per month)

4. TunnelBear

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Overview- TunnelBear is a well-established VPN service that aims to bring the same level of enhanced privacy to everyone’s computers worldwide. They have a user-friendly interface and a simple navigation system that will solve all your confusion within minutes.

They also have a help center that is open for their users 24/7 and educates them about everything related to VPN.

Connections- 10+ device connections simultaneously.


  • P2P Support
  • No Log Policy
  • Split Bear
  • Strong Encryption
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Fast Tunneling Speed
  • Best-In-Class Tech
  • Worldwide Network
  • Ghosting Feature
  • Lightning-Fast Speed
  • Independently Audited and Prevented IP-Based Tracking


  • Basic Plan (free)
  • Teams Plan ($5.75 per month)
  • Unlimited Plan ($3.33 per month)

5. Proton VPN

Proton VPN
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Overview- Proton VPN is regarded as the only VPN supported by the world that provides the most reliable and secure services for PC users. They offer around 3,097 services from about 71 countries with consistent quality and performance.

Their servers have a speed of about 3,623 GBPS capacity with no lagging or buffering complaints.

Connections- Connect ten devices at a time.


  • Swiss Privacy
  • Masks IP Address
  • Netshield Ad-Blocker
  • Tor Over VPN
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • VPN Accelerator
  • Stealth
  • Secure Core
  • Forward Secrecy
  • Strong Protocols
  • Open Source
  • Independently Audited
  • No-Log and Kill Switch


  • 1 Month Deal (€9.99 per month)
  • 1-Year Deal (€5.99 per month)
  • Lifetime Deal (€4.99 per month)

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield
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Overview- Hotspot Shield is the oldest VPN service that has won many awards and rewards for making the internet a safe space for users. They work hard to provide the best safeguarding services for PC users while covering every possible protection sector.

They are best for any computer task, from sending a simple mail to setting up a remote office environment at home.

Connections- Connects to around ten devices together.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Global Internet Access
  • Support for All Major Platforms
  • No Browsing Activity Logs
  • Reduced Latency
  • Better Unblocking and Optimized Servers


  • Basic Plan (free)
  • Monthly Plan ($12.99 per month)
  • Yearly Plan ($7.99 per month)

7. CyberGhost

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Overview- CyberGhost VPN is a one-stop solution for all your PC privacy needs and wants. Their main vision is to provide a seamless streaming experience without slowing down the internet and lagging issues.

Moreover, they will surpass all types of geo-restriction barriers and censorships to provide you with all the exclusive shows and series in the comfort of your home.

Connections- Connect seven devices at once.


  • Split Tunneling
  • Dedicated IP
  • VPN Service Without Logs
  • Strong Encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Wi-Fi Protection
  • RAM-Only Servers
  • VPN Protocols
  • Ultra-Fast Speed
  • IP Masking
  • Streaming, Gaming, and Torrenting Optimized Servers


  • 1 Month Plan ($12.99 per month)
  • 6 Month Plan ($6.99 per month)
  • 2-Year Plan ($2.03 per month)

8. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access
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Overview- Private Internet Access (PIA) is an excellent VPN service that holds online privacy as its core value. They prioritize the security, privacy, and freedom of their internet users and serve to become the best VPN server for PC users.

They have over ten years of expertise in this field, mainly because of their 100% transparency and effective customer communication.

Connections- 10+ device connections.


  • No-Log Policy
  • Split Tunneling
  • VPN Encryption
  • Personal Identity Protection
  • P2P Support
  • Router VPN
  • Blocks Ads and Trackers
  • Multi-Hop
  • Advanced Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection


  • 1 Month Plan ($11.95 per month)
  • 1-Year Plan ($3.33 per month)
  • 3-Year Plan ($1.98 per month)

9. IPVanish

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Overview- IPVanish is the best computer VPN with advanced security features for everyday activities. They are also great for gaming as they provide a complete buffer-free experience to users who are hardcore game lovers and players.

You can stream your gaming vlogs on Discord on PC without hindrance or constraint.

Connections- 10+ connections at the same time.


  • Shared IP Address
  • Encrypted Web Browsing
  • High-Speed Surfing
  • Verified No Logs
  • Unmetered Connections
  • Split Tunneling
  • Kill Switch
  • Automatic Start-Up
  • Multiple Connection Protocols
  • DNS Leak Protection


  • Monthly Plan ($7.99 per month)
  • Yearly Plan ($3.59 per month)
  • 2-Year Plan ($2.99 per month)

10. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN
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Overview- Surfshark is the one-stop solution to fight internet malware and attacks. They shield your computer activities and protect everything with their top-notch security features.

They also alert you whenever your computer risks cybercrime, like data breaches, hacking attacks, or snoopers targeting users’ internet browsing activities.

Connections- Connect more than ten devices at once.


  • No Log Policy
  • Kill-Switch
  • Private DNS and Leak Protection
  • Camouflage Mode
  • No Borders Mode
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Secure Protocols
  • IP Masking
  • Browse Privately
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Stop Trackers and Malware
  • Bypasser


  • Surfshark Starter ($1.99 per month)
  • Surfshark One ($2.69 per month)
  • Surfshark One+ ($3.99 per month)


These are all the best VPN services that will safeguard your PC’s files and internet activity while allowing you to access exclusive and restricted content from anywhere in the world.

You can carefully review them to find the one that offers the speed and security benefits you want from a VPN service. However, any VPN you decide on should have security at the top of their priority list.

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