TikTok Ads: How to Run TikTok Advertising?

TikTok ads
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Suppose you still missed out on TikTok in your social media packages and campaigns or the best TikTok ads. In that case, you ignore an effective and perfect way to target your target audience. Brands reach the content-hungry Gen Z (youth) with TikTok advertising. So, you must learn how to run TikTok advertising in 2024 to reap the full benefits of social media advertising for your brand. 

Remember that it is not an effective strategy for kids only. Brands must work on the available TikTok Advertising types according to their area and learn how TikTok advertising works. It will begin your brand’s success journey. 

TikTok Ads Types

Below is a brief discussion about All the TikTok ad types for its app family and platform. Every area does not cater to every ad type. However, you can know all the ad specs suitable for every format. 

1. In-feed ads

You can use the Manager Interface of the TikTok ads to create self-service ads.

2. Playable ads

This interstitial format of ads is an interactive way for the users to experience the full-screen playable, such as the app’s preview before its installation. Furthermore, it is a way for the advertisers to engage their targeted audience by displaying the full-screen video ad.

This TikTok ad type focuses on the audience’s interaction with the full-screen playable ads. 

Furthermore, the viewers enjoy the app’s experience by swiping or tapping the ad. Lastly, the ad screen has the call-to-action button to begin the download. 

3. Image ads

These ads appear in the News Feed Apps of TikTok only, like TopBuzz and BuzzVideo. Add text, app name, or the image that appears in it. Image ads are ideal when you don’t have much time to invest in making videos or are probably not fond of cameras.

Being a simpler ad version than the video ads, you can check its A/B split test with other ads to check the look of your brand.

4. Pangle ads

The Audience Network of TikTok places these ads.

5. Video ads

Video ads appear in the For You Feed of the users in the Tiktok or the news apps’ Tiktok family. These ads run as full-screen videos for 5 seconds to 1 minute.

Moreover, TikTok remains a famous social media platform for vertical and short video ads. 

6. Spark TikTok ads

TikTok advertisers find this ad format to be native. Moreover, it organically utilizes TikTok posts with its features in the advertisements. The spark ads work like using the account’s posts for ad creativity.

Furthermore, your TikTok advertising may seek the authority of other users to use their posts. 

As a result, the advertisers enjoy the complete package of likes, views, shares, and comments through the Spark ads because it uses all the posts of original TikTok accounts.

Conversely, the advertisers implement the Spark ad Campaign, and you keep every vanity metric for the TikTok posts. 

7. Carousel ads

Get ready to advertise ten images per Carousel ad with different captions in the News Feed apps of TikTok. Moreover, it begins to work once the viewer looks at the Carousel ad and swipes the images from left- to right, maintaining interest.

Every picture of the carousel has a unique caption. A lengthy caption cannot be displayed fully, so three dots will appear with it. 

How to create TikTok ads?

Here are the seven easy steps to create a TikTok ad campaign:

1. Create an account

Firstly, create an account on TikTok Ads Manager. However, if you plan to promote existing content, TikTok Promote is a substitute for it. 

Select your Object Click Campaign after logging in to the TikTok Ads manager. TikTok aims for seven objectives in the ads that have four categories. 

Awareness: Show the ad to reach as many people as possible.

Consideration: Traffic, App installs, Lead Generation, and Video Views. 

Conversions: Get specific actions for the site.

Catalog Sales: The managed ad account of supported regions enjoys dynamic ads in the product catalog.                     

2. Decide the budget and name for the campaign

Select any accessible and memorizable name for the campaign within 512 characters max. Set the budget for the campaign according to your pockets. 

Give a name to the ad group. Every campaign has 1-999 ad groups with 512 characters in the group name. Furthermore, choose any of the placements according to the area. 

3. Look for the automated version of creative optimization

TikTok can automatically create a package of ad text, videos, and images. The new advertisers should turn on this setting. 

4. Target the desired audience

Like other social ads, you can show the ads via TikTok to a particular audience based on demographics and device information. 

5. Schedule and budget setting for the ad group

Besides setting the budget for the whole campaign, now you must set the lifetime time or daily budget for the desired ad group. Dayparting lets you choose the specific timings for ad display. 

6. Set your strategy

Your campaign objective automatically determines the optimization goals – reach, click, or conversions. 

Choose either the accelerated or standard delivery types. Standard delivery ensures equal budget distribution on the campaign’s scheduled dates. However, accelerated delivery leads to quick spending. 

7. Create the ad(s)

Every ad group can have a maximum of 20 ads with 512 characters. Then, select the ad format: spark ads, video, or image. Spark ads or videos are only available for TikTok. 

Use video creation tools and templates to add videos and photos through the Ads Manager. As a result, TikTok ad pricing will come down significantly. Then, upload yours or select the thumbnail. Then, enter the text and link. 

Don’t forget to see the ads preview on the screen and add relevant and proper teaching links. Finally, tap Submit. Use Spark Ads with an access code by contacting the content creators. 

Available Formats for TikTok Ads

TikTok sales representatives work with managed brands. They got access to more ad formats:

1. TopView ads

These TikTok video ads appear on the full screen for 5-60 minutes when TikTok opens.

2. Branded Hashtag Challenge

It is a format of an ad campaign for 3-6 days to increase engagement where the user-generated content is present on the page, hashtag challenge.

3. Branded Effects

The format includes special effects, filters, and branded stickers for an interaction between the brand and the TikTokers.

What is the TikTok Ads pricing?

Based on the bidding model, lifetime and daily budgets help control the costs for groups and campaigns. 

ChargesCampaign LevelAd Group
Daily Budget$50 USD$20 USD
Lifetime Budget$50 USDDaily budget multiplied by scheduled days

Are TikTok Ads dropshipping worth it?

Being a drop ship product brand, TikTok effectively tries to reach the young target audience. As a result, you can sell the products physically.  


So, you must know how to run TikTok advertising in 2024 because the upcoming years show the upsurging trend of social media, particularly TikTok, in the youth.

TikTok is an easy and effective way to promote your brand and reach the targeted audience.

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