How to Create a Sales Page that Converts?

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So, you are struggling to make your sales page? Or, your sales page is not converting? You may have started an online business but don’t know what is a sales page. Then you are in right place. Today, we are going to learn about the sales pages and how to optimize them to convert like crazy.

What is a sales page?

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A sales page is the best approach to explain your products and your visitors will buy the product if it is promising and attractive. All businesses who sell some products through their website created a sales page and it is the last place of your business website where your audience will convert into a consumer.

However, making an effective sales page that can convert is not a piece of the pie. You have become a master of it and maybe you need the help of experienced professionals. A sales page should be informative, attention-grabbing, and authoritative to generate more conversions of your products.

How do I create a sales page?

Now, let’s have a look at how to create the best sales page under your budget so that it gets more conversion:

1. Understand your audience’s need

sales page audience

If you don’t know what your audience wants, you can’t create a sales page according to their wish. You have to know your audience’s interests, what they are looking for. You should know their demographic details.

The best way to know your audience is to collect their data through these methods:

  • Web analytics
  • Competitors analysis
  • Customer surveys
  • Social media analytics
  • Online research

Once you get the statistics and results, you can make a page that can fulfill their needs. Consider updating your products as per the demand to serve better service.

2. Set the right price on the sales page

sales page price

The right price brings the right customers while overpriced can lose them. Your price should be fixed as per the quality and interest of the customers. If you set it too high that is not as per the product then you may lose a sale.

People will visit the product and read about the details and they may like it to buy but if they find it over-valued then they will not checkout.

Some tricks to include in your price:

  • Give more than your competitors at the same price
  • Offer more prices
  • Categories it in plans like Basic, Pro, Plus, VIP
  • Give a brief detail about your plans
  • Choose the price that ends with the number 9 like $9, $19, $99. Research shows that this attracts more peoples
    Offer a money-back guarantee if possible

Price is the main thing people will consider along with the product offered so try to research price comparison from your competitors and how much people can pay for the particular service and product.

3. Make a value proposition

value proposition
Source: Ahrefs

If you have some services that you want to sell to help other businesses or companies then you should describe them on the page. It helps to solve the query of the customer that why your service is the best fit and why people can trust it.

A short phrase can solve this problem. It should be like this:

We help [A] to [B] by [C]

Like, “We help online business owners to boost their sales by providing high-converting leads.

It will make your service trustworthy and people will consider taking your service.

4. Keep proper heading and subheading on the sales page

sales page heading
Source: WordPress Editor

When writing any content on your sales page make sure that you include the headline and sub-headline when required. Try to write the best and short headline that should be to the point. Use the subheading if required then put some content text.

As any blogger uses headlines to convey more information to their visitors, a sales page also considers using it.

5. Keep the right length of the sales page

sales page length

A sales page should be both long and short according to the type of product you are offering. It depends on how your visitors will respond. Suppose you have a product and you can show the description and pricing within a short page then make it short. If it requires more space then make it long.

Keep in mind that you should add your Call to Action(CTA) on the page so that they can take a step. If your product does not need any explanation then make it short and simple with attractive pictures that can show the details of your product and mention the product rating and price there.

How long should a sales page be?

Its answer is: As long as it needs to be to get the job done. If it is enough to cover the main details then keep it that much longer.

6. Add images and videos to the sales page

sales page image video

Your sales page will become more attractive and promising if you add some media files like images or videos. Using only text will not attract more customers and less likely to buy your product. The only text makes any content boring. The impact of visuals is more than plain posts.

Include the relevant images that can show your product or service. Use animation or graphical representation of your service. Suppose, your service is to increase sales growth then you can represent it through charts.

Video is the best media type that converts more than others. Research shows that businesses that used videos in their marketing saw significant growth in sales. Video marketing statistics show that 84% of consumers purchase after watching a video.

Try to use the video pop-up at the right time while people visit a sales page. Videos can describe the product and service overview and how it can beneficial to take the service. Include some testimonials on your page. Pop-ups do not consume much data and won’t hurt your sales page load speed.

7. Use the right language and phrase on the sales page

sales page language

Using the right language on your sales page with phrases can help to show emotion. Emotion attracts visitors. Use some techniques like:

  • Address your customers using “you”
  • Telling a relatable story
  • Make them a part of your family by using “we”
  • Use power words to elicit

Use the phrase like “who is this product/service for” to the target audience and help in connecting with the right people.

8. Describe your product’s details on a sales page

Source: Ahrefs pricing

Add detailed instructions about your product. What your product can do and how it solves core problems. Make it unique and descriptive. It is helpful for both conversion and SEO ranking.

Describing insights about the service and product will give your customers confidence. Write the key features that it can provide. Make sure to deliver all the promises your product description is showing.

9. Make sales page responsive

responsive page

Your page should be responsive for both desktop and mobile screens. Mobile devices are more responsible for purchases so make sure it fits in the small screen.

A responsive design is very beneficial for this as your page will resize no matter what size your visitor’s screen is. Use responsive and lightweight templates that make your sales page effective.

10. Use more Call to Action to the sales page


Your Call to Action(CTA) button should depend on the length of your page. Try to use at least 3 CTAs on a sales page in the proper place. It will be easy for your visitors to buy your product wherever they are convinced.

Add it to the top where you write your heading and at the end of the page. Include one CTA button when you can show a reason to buy. Many sales pages add more CTA buttons to push visitors towards a sale.

A good CTA is:

  • Uses action words
  • Shows clicking benefits

11. Use a timer for special offers on the sales page

sales timer

You have seen many sales pages that use a timer that show how much time is remaining to end a discount or offer. It creates a panic buying and your visitors will think they will lose it if they did not act now.

Use the words like “special offer“, “limited deal“, “discount ending soon” so that the visitors make a quick decision. You may have seen an eCommerce site like Amazon that uses scarcity-based urgency to highlight the products that are running out shortly.

People usually hate missing any deals or discounts and when they see some product is running out of stock they make a quick purchase. You can take the advantage of this tactic for urgent buying. Use a countdown pop-up to grab the attention of your visitors to take an action.

12. Take the help of exit-intent

exit intent

Sometimes people need extra help or can’t find the information they are looking for. So, it can lose a sale. But, there is a solution called exit-intent that prompts them to get in touch before they live a sales page or website. It helps to save a sale.

Whenever your audience will leave your page, it will show a pop-up that promises help and get in touch with them by filling their emails. It helps in re-engaging the customers who are leaving your sales page.

The bottom line

A sales page can be effective to boost your conversion. It helps your visitors to decide whether your offered product or service is a great fit or not. Making an effective, optimized, responsive, and attractive sales page can increase the chances of their purchase.

It is a crucial part of any online business that is providing any service and product to help others.

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