How to Build an Effective Landing Page for Your Business?

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So, you have done with your website, promotion, landing page, SEO and, also enabled paid search for your website. You are getting tons of visitors from organic search and other sources(I know it sounds like a fairy tale) but, you are not seeing any growth in your profit.

Why? Have you done any mistakes or, has your marketing strategy doesn’t work? Not yet. When people visit your site and you are presenting a product and service to offer them, they will see your landing page first.

It is the first impression that will change their decision to be converted. You make it because you want them to take action but did not see results although you are getting massive visits to your site.

Every marketer doesn’t want people to just visit their page and leave. They want them to take action. So, the main reason that you don’t make any conversion is the landing page and today we will get to know how to make an effective landing page that converts.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage whose goal is to make the conversion by providing people with a call-to-action (CTA) feature and other options and where people can find useful information about any product or service. It can be a homepage or another page of your website.

Many landing pages are not part of any particular website they are made through some online tools or websites and you can publish them without having your domain or hosting service. They are quite popular with affiliate marketers or PPC campaigns.

You can create landing pages for your website or blog as a normal post but they will be different from your other content posts because they will have CTA buttons, an attractive headline, a brief description of any product or service, attractive pictures, and design.

You can make it more attractive by including testimonials and social shares. We will look at how to make it attractive later in this post.

What are the best websites for landing page creation?

There are some websites or online tools through which we can design responsive and effective landing pages using drag-n-drop editor. These websites provide easy to use interface and you can design any type of landing page without any coding.

They provide custom integration with mailing services to grab the email address of the visitors when they submit their email addresses in an opt-in form.

They come with a lot of features like Buttons, Images, Videos, Countdown, HTML, Form, Checkout, and, much more. Let’s have a look at the best websites for landing page design.

1. Unbounce

landing page unbounce
Source: Unbounce

Unbounce comes with a lot of features and it’s perfect to build customized landing pages with its elements. One of the best features is dynamic text replacement which allows users to replace landing page keywords depending on the user’s search query which saves tons of time.

Also, it overlays CTAs and exit intent. You can run A/B testing too. It can be integrated with email programs and CRM platforms.

2. Lander

landing page lander
Source: Lander

Lander is a cheap but great tool loaded with a lot of features to build effective landing pages. Easy drag-n-drop builder which helps beginners. It has features like A/B testing, Analytics, Email & CRM integration, and much more. You can try a 14-day trial and it doesn’t require a credit card.

3. Landingi

Source: Landingi

Landingi is very much similar to Unbounce with extra features and the automation makes this tool easier to use it saves your time and has 100+ templates of all niches and drag-n-drop interface. It also comes with A/B testing.

4. Leadpages

Source: Leadpages

Leadpages is easy to use and has features like a built-in payment system that can be used to run your store. drag-n-drop functionality, A/B testing, and nearly unlimited integrations. Also, it has a lead-capture popup and exit intent.

5. Hubspot

hubspot page builder
Source: HubSpot

HubSpot is just not a website for digital marketers but it also provides a landing page creation tool, CRM, and more. It has A/B testing, SEO and strategy, Facebook lead ads, and is easy to use. It provides customer support for using its service.

6. Wishpond

Source: Wishpond

Wishpond is a great landing page builder which is packed with different features like drag-n-drop builder, User-friendly, Useful elements, Mobile-responsive, A/B testing, pre-designed templates, email marketing integration, lead management, pop-ups, live chat support, etc.

7. ClickFunnels

Source: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is much more than that a landing page builder. It allows users to pick a sales funnel that is designed to sell your products and you can send traffic to them.

You can sell any products online through ClickFunnels. You have to just pick a sales funnel, choose a design, and modify a few custom designs like a logo. It has an easy drag-n-drop editor and a complete package of the marketing funnel. It has plugins, easy to adds media files and templates.

What are the benefits of a landing page?

There are a few benefits of having a landing page beyond conversions. It is not just a tool for capturing leads or taking action through the visitors, it is more than that. Some of the benefits are:

1. Easy to promote upcoming products

You can promote your live products or upcoming products through a landing page. People got attracted to landing pages because it seems attractive and informative which helps to make a buying decision. Using this you can track all your products or just a single product and can set up your goal.

2. SEO ranking

Landing pages are built so that they can be searched for a particular search term in search engines. A good and optimized landing page helps in improving SEO and you can drive traffic to your products.

3. It makes buying/subscription process easy

People find it easy to buy and subscribe to anything from your landing page. They can checkout easily and opt-in for your services. Visitors don’t have to search elsewhere on your site to find CTA, making the overall process easy.

Essentials of landing page

You need to take care of some things to make an effective landing page. Apply some changes and add some elements to stand it out from the crowd. Now, check out elements that should be included while building a landing page.

1. An attractive headline

The first thing people will notice on your landing page is a headline. The headline shows the topic of the landing page and it should be an attention seeker. Your headline will decide whether your visitors want to check the landing page or not.

Here’s what it should be:

  • Make it short and keep it under 10 words.
  • It should tell what the product or service is all about.
  • Its size should be H1
  • Place the headline in light background

2. Subheadings

Subheadings will describe a brief description of your service or product. It should go into slightly more depth of a heading. Keep it simple and real so that users can learn more about the service.

Subheadings should be smaller in size compared to the main headline try to include the least words and don’t tell a long story. It should have some elements of persuasiveness.

3. Explanation

Add an explanation part to your page so that if your visitors cannot understand your offerings, they can get an insight through the explanation.

Your explanation should be benefit-oriented so that it attracts visitors. It can be integrated with your headings or made completely separate.

Make it straightforward and its priority should always be clarity. You can rely on pictures to help with your explanation on a landing page.

4. Include images on the landing page

Images grab more attention than words and they can help in more conversions. You should add images to your landing page to make it more appealing.

Keep these points in mind while including images:

  • An image should be large enough.
  • It should be high-quality and responsive.
  • The picture should be relevant to your offered product or service. It is very much crucial if you are selling a physical product.
  • The primary focus of the image should be attention-grabbing and demonstrative.

You can also add screenshots as an image if you are selling any functionality-based products like software. It can help your customers how it works.

5. Add a powerful CTA

CTA is the most important element in a landing page where visitors can take an action. It is the ultimate thing that converts visitors into customers.

Key points for making a good CTA:

  • Make it big and bold. The bigger, the better
  • Use a button instead of text.
  • Make it compelling by adding explosive and persuasive words.
  • Use a contrasting color that grabs attention. It should be different from the other colors of your landing page.

6. Contact methods

If your try to promote any product and you can provide support to your visitors then you can add contact support. It helps people to get help and solve their queries before deciding on your product. If you can provide good support then the chances of conversion will increase.

You can add chatbots to resolve visitors’ doubts. A chatbot can provide answers as per the knowledge base or FAQ section. If anyhow, the visitor is not satisfied with the bot’s answer, they can be transferred to real agents.

If your business has a 24×7 chat support system then you must try it. This feature is appealing and much more responsive.

Adding contact methods makes your business trustworthy. Visitors will know that your business exists. Add email address, phone no., and physical address to your contact section. Make a contact form where people can fill in their name, email, contact details, and, query so it makes it easy to get in touch.

7. Guarantee

People tend to choose those products or services where they can receive a guarantee. You can add some guarantee terms like money-back guarantee, no spam guarantee, product guarantee, etc. Choose a type of guarantee that works for your business and show it on your landing page.

Try to keep it close to the CTA button. It provides a final bit of assurance and people would likely to convert.

8. Include testimonials on the landing page

If your business has a huge user base and you want to show their review then you should add testimonials to your landing page. People belives in testimonials when they read or watch the honest review of any product or service.

They can explain their experience of your product or service and why they prefer to buy it. It easily helps in understanding its features and pros and cons.

Write their review and add their real pictures and names of your customers so that people can believe them. You can also include a video review that makes it more real and appealing.

Tips to create a high converting landing page

1. Consider the best landing page builder

Always make landing pages from the best builder as they are easy and can make effective landing pages. While there are so many tools available, always choose as per your requirement, goals, and skills.

Landing page builders can help to achieve your conversion goals. After publishing a landing page you can track your page views, click-through rate, leads, and other metrics.

2. Show social proof

Add social sharing and like buttons to your landing pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that your visitors can know how much your offerings are lovable by others.

You can show your likes, shares, pins, tweets, and subscribers so that people can believe in your services or products. Social media recommendation is a key player and it plays a big role in purchasing decisions.

When visitors will see that your landing page has so much visibility on social platforms then they tend to convert.

3. Use a sales pitch video

You can add a sales video to your page to grab attention. It could be a short video. If you want that your landing page found on YouTube then include a sales video. If you have a YouTube channel and you already have a sales video on that then you can embed that video to your page.

It is also helpful from an SEO perspective and can be ranked in search engines. A sales video can describe everything in a logical order and it contains the same elements as in a landing page.

4. Make things simple

On your landing page, try to keep everything simple. Use clean fonts and colors with proper headings. Remove unwanted elements and design so that people find it easy to navigate and convert.

Do not mix colors with text and choose a good template or design.

5. Make the landing page mobile-friendly

While most of the users came from mobile, you should make your landing page mobile-friendly and it should be responsive and load fast. Slow loading pages increase bounce rate and you can lose visitors and they may never return.

A responsive and mobile-friendly design is important for SEO also because Google gives priority to mobile responsive pages. Check your landing page loading speed and whether it is mobile-friendly or not.

6. Remove navigation elements

Do not include navigation elements that can take your visitor off-page. It should be in a flow and don’t distract your visitors or else you can lose a customer.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Start with an explanation
  • Show benefits
  • Add testimonials
  • End with CTA

Conclusion to the landing page

An effective landing page can help to meet your business goal and generate a lot of customers. Build a responsive landing page showing your services and products so that people can find them informative and make a buying decision.

You don’t have to be a great designer to make it possible as there so many page builders are available and any beginner can start using it. It can help promote and grow your online business to the next level.

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