What is Content Marketing? A Quick Guide

content marketing
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You may have heard about “content marketing” and are eager to find the meaning of that and why it is good among other marketing strategies. This post will describe everything related to content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing Institute states, ‘Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – to drive profitable customer action.’

Sounds good, right? But you may be thinking, what is the role of content? So, let’s begin. As it is called “Content is King,” content is what you can share with your followers. People search for it and provide valuable information to the users.

Content not only gives you information but also solves your issues; anyone looking for it may be a customer, reader, or business person. But, there is a catch: not all contents are relevant.

Key Takeaways

  • Content marketing is not a shortcut to drive traffic and generate revenue; it requires dedication and clear goals. You have to work on building audience and trust; that takes time.
  • It’s better to create a few pieces of high-quality content than a lot of content that does not provide value to the audience.
  • Knowing your audience well allows you to create content based on their interest.
  • Measure and analyze your results to see the performance of your content.

Why should we use content marketing?

Now that you have digested this term, you may wonder why one should use content marketing. Frankly, you already know this answer or realize it sometimes.

Remember when you were a child and read a comic book? Those comic books are the best example of content marketing. Confusing right? Now, let me tell you why.

Comics have pictures and words enclosed in bubbles representing the character’s voice. It provides an idea about what they are discussing or the current situation in the comics. So, it helps us to understand it more clearly with a fictional vision.

Even 5 yr. Old children can understand it. It provides relevant content with valuable information, an example of content marketing that has been around longer than the internet.

Now, we look at why everyone uses this marketing for their business.

1. Brands use it

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According to one research, this marketing strategy is used by leading global brands, and they have used it for a long time.

The research also found that those who use content marketing have generated more revenue and higher sales growth compared to their competitors. These companies are prominent organizations in the world.

2. Marketing is impossible without great content

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Regardless of your marketing tactics, whether online or offline, you can’t succeed in a business without great content.

This applies to your strategies like SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, advertising, Inbound Marketing, Leads, Television broadcasting, etc.

3. It is suitable for your customers

content marketing customers
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The main motto of any marketing is to acquire more customers. There are three key benefits of using content for marketing these are:

  • Increase in sales
  • Cost savings
  • Loyal customers

4. Content is the present and future of marketing

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As you already know, content has been used for marketing strategy for a long time. It is the present and future of marketing. Without great content, your marketing tactics will be called spam. Do you want to spam your customers? Seriously NO.

Remember? While checking your spam folder in your email, you find many emails that provide no value and are just garbage. Those emails result from valueless content, and people report it as spam, so it is delivered to your spam folder.

You may risk your business if you can’t provide valuable and relevant information.

What are examples of content marketing?

There are many examples of content marketing, but here I describe five examples to start your mind and get more ideas about it.

1. Videos

Content marketing videos
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People like videos. A video is worth thousands of books. You can see the knowledge of two book pages in a ten-second lengthy video. It describes contents through an efficient and entertaining approach.

People love to share their ideas and thoughts through the YouTube channel, and there are many channels you can find on YouTube.

There are billions of active users on YouTube because people find it more relevant and full of value.

The video has changed our lifestyle and tactics and replaced old marketing ideas. People can search for anything they want, and the content will be in front of them.

2. Websites

Content marketing websites
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Want to search for anything? You jump to Google, put in some keywords you want to explore, and boom! You see lots of web pages on your screen. Then, you click on any website and get your information. That’s easy.

It all comes true because websites have web pages on them, and those web pages contain content.

Whatever you search, you will finally look for content, and billions of web pages on the internet make your daily work easy.

People build websites and invest a lot of effort in SEO to rank their content on search engines and provide valuable content to users.

3. Infographics

Content marketing infographics
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Infographics are vertically aligned graphics containing words, pictures, charts, graphs, statistics, or other information.

They are popular on social media and provide valuable content in a single frame. You can give information in a combination of infographics or make a collage.

One of the most popular sites where you can find infographics is Pinterest. It is a social media platform where people share infographics about any content.

They are easy to understand and have some visuals which make them attractive. These help us to promote our business, which helps drive more traffic and customers.

4. Podcasts

Content marketing podcasts
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Podcasts are great for sharing your thoughts and engaging with your audience. People love to hear podcasts that update the consumers about your business. People can download or listen to it online through different platforms.

You promote courses, books, launch events, or new products through podcasts. You can share links to register for your website or upcoming event, which helps drive more sales.

5. Books

Content marketing books
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People who love to read books know how valuable it is. Books provide the best content, and it makes us knowledgeable.

Marketers not only sell books, but it is a marketing tool for them. Some books guide establishing a business and attracting loyal customers to your products.

Many entrepreneurs read books to make something new that can help in the changing world. Books are the oldest and best example of this marketing technique.

It can be offline/hard-copy or online as PDF files or Kindle, but the value it can provide is essential.


Does content marketing work?

Yes, content marketing work. It is the best way to drive valuable traffic to your website and convert it into sales.

How does content marketing work?

Sharing valuable content attracts visitors, who become leads and customers if you provide the solution or answer their queries. That is how content marketing works.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing helps any individual or business attract and engage the target audience.

It drives leads and conversions that help businesses to generate revenue. People look for informational content online, and content marketing is still the best way to spread your knowledge to the audience.

What is content marketing for B2B?

Content marketing for B2B (business-to-business) involves creating and sharing valuable content relevant to other businesses.

B2B content marketing can include blog posts, white papers, case studies, webinars, and other types of content that provide value to other businesses.


Content marketing is a tactic users like to find in your marketing approach. It helps to build awareness and trust in your business; without the right content, it is impossible to establish a business or service online or offline.

Content is crucial and the utmost priority you should deliver to your users. Content marketing may have changed due to the usage of the internet, but you should remember that it is a past approach to marketing that will survive in the future.

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