Top 15 WooCommerce Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Plugins


Choosing the right WooCommerce plugins to supercharge your WooCommerce store’s functionality and user experience has become paramount.

By utilizing these extensions, you, as a store owner, can expand your capabilities into various aspects of your business, be it marketing, sales, or streamlining store operations.

This mini-guide will explore the top 15 WooCommerce plugins for managing and optimizing your store.

Top 15 WooCommerce Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

1. WooCommerce Product Recommendations

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Product recommendations, when placed appropriately, guide your customers and help them make better decisions, facilitating higher-order values. The recommendation plugin from WebToffee creates product suggestions like bestsellers, recently viewed products, etc., and helps leverage upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

You can customize pre-defined recommendation templates or build recommendations from scratch using the Create Custom Recommendation feature.

The plugin allows you to set specific triggers for rolling out recommendations, improving their relevance without annoying the customer.

The tool also allows you to place these suggestions where they will likely have the most impact. This includes the checkout, shop, and individual product pages.

Pricing: This advanced recommendation plugin is available at $89 a year.

2. Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Google Analytics for WooCommerce

The free Google Analytics integration offers merchants insights into the effectiveness of different platforms and customers’ needs.

Understanding which channels drive the most traffic helps you allocate your marketing efforts more effectively. By comparing traffic, transactions, and revenue across different products, you can also see what customers want or might be interested in.

Furthermore, by tracking the user journey from product page to cart to checkout, the plugin helps identify where potential customers drop off and where your site may lose revenue.

Pricing: This is a free plugin.

3. Popup Box

Popup Box

Popups are an effective way to capture leads, target messaging, and increase conversions. The Popup Box plugin for WordPress offers store owners a simple solution for incorporating high-converting popups without being a technical expert.

You can display custom content, boost subscriptions, or showcase videos with the tool. Its diverse options allow you to create responsive, promotional, and conversational popups according to your requirements.

Each popup type fulfills specific functions, like capturing feedback, offering downloadable files, or presenting limited-time deals with countdowns.

Implementing them on websites requires tact, as too many popups can frustrate customers.

Pricing: The paid version of the plugin is $59 a year.

4. Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

The Points and Rewards plugin allows store owners to incentivize sign-ups, purchases, and referrals with reward points. The tool offers complete control over ensuring a tailored loyalty program that aligns with your brand.

With customizable membership systems and exclusive discounts based on loyalty points, store owners can cultivate long-term customer relationships.

Pricing: The paid version of the plugin is $99 a year.

5. Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

This plugin from WebToffee relieves the stress of keeping track of all your orders by allowing you to create custom, sequential order numbers for your store.

Merchants can easily manage and customize order numbers by adding prefixes, suffixes, dates, and more, ensuring they are organized. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to keep existing order numbers unchanged and apply new sequences only to future orders.

It also offers the option to automatically reset order numbers, making them distinct and easy to track over time.

You can also create a separate sequence for free orders or those with a zero subtotal for better organization. The plugin further enhances these customizations by giving a real-time preview.

Pricing: The plugin’s free version is available, while unlocking advanced features requires the premium version, which costs $59 annually.

6. ReferralCandy


ReferralCandy simplifies the process of rewarding customers for recommending your products to others. This encourages your patrons to promote the brand actively, helping maximize its reach and attracting new shoppers.

Enrolling them through post-purchase popups, emails, and landing pages allows you to integrate these referral programs into your existing marketing strategy without disrupting customers’ purchasing journeys.

By leveraging referrals, the plugin empowers businesses to foster customer loyalty, drive sales, and expand their market presence.

Pricing: The premium plan starts at $59 a year.

7. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot platform unifies multiple customer management functions under one roof.

The plugin helps you engage visitors in real-time through live chat and chatbots, generate leads with customizable forms, and nurture prospects with targeted email campaigns.

Utilizing its analytics dashboard lets you make informed decisions based on valuable insights into your business’s health.

The comprehensive CRM system tracks every customer interaction, providing a 360-degree view of your audience. This allows you to personalize communication further and streamline processes across marketing, sales, and service teams.

Pricing: The free version of the plugin is available in the WordPress repository.

8. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

With the Smart Coupons plugin, you can craft promotional and discount coupons with usage restrictions, limiting their redeemability to specific categories, products, or spending limits.

The plugin enables you to create BOGO deals, giveaways, and store credits to attract and retain customers. You can further personalize coupons based on customers’ purchase history and recover lost sales with cart abandonment coupons.

With various customization options available, you can tweak the coupon display features and display coupon banners and countdown timers to create a sense of urgency.

Pricing: A free version of Smart Coupons is available, while the paid version with premium features is $89 a year.

9. Contact Form by WPForms

Contact Form by WPForms

WPForms provides WooCommerce stores with easy contact form integration. With an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can create custom forms for feedback, subscriptions, payments, and more without coding.

The tool offers beginner-friendly templates and workflows that ensure responsive and SEO-optimized forms. The WordPress Survey add-on enriches customer engagement with smart survey fields and interactive reporting.

Pricing: The paid version of the plugin is available at $99 a year.

10. Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider for WooCommerce lets you display product carousels on various sections of your website, including pages, posts, custom templates, and widgets.

Implementing product sliders helps optimize space by presenting many products cleanly. The better browsing experience eventually leads to better customer engagement and sales.

Pricing: The paid version of the plugin starts at $ 49 a year.

11. All-in-One SEO

All-in-One SEO

AIO SEO offers store owners tools to optimize WordPress SEO settings, implement schema markup, generate XML sitemaps, add local SEO, and track keyword rankings.

It also provides automated internal linking, conducts SEO audits, and integrates with Google Search Console.

The intuitive interface lets you take control of your SEO efforts to achieve your goals easily.

The tool ensures website health with features like content decay tracking, smart XML sitemaps, advanced SEO redirects, and automatic 404 error monitoring.

Custom author profile pages and author schema also boost the store’s author credibility, contributing to better SEO rankings.

Pricing: The paid version of the plugin is available at $99 a year.

12. WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gift cards and store credits are great ways to encourage repeat purchases. However, managing the creation, sales, and redemption of gift cards can be an ordeal. Enter the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin from WebToffee.

With this tool, you can offer customizable gift cards to your customers. These cards can be shared with loved ones and easily redeemed.

Store owners can directly share the generated gift cards with customers through email, with custom messages and free store credits.

Moreover, the plugin allows customers to personalize gift cards and schedule delivery. They can choose from various pre-defined gift card templates tailored for different occasions.

The plugin also comes with instant refunds in the form of store credits, which reduces the money lost due to returns.

You can implement advanced usage restrictions based on products, categories, and spending limits, allowing you to control how gift cards are redeemed in your store.

Pricing: In addition to the gift card plugin, you can unlock the premium version, which costs $99 annually.

13. AutomateWoo


With AutomateWoo, store owners can explore and create automated workflows that can help simplify store management and improve customer engagement.

The plugin allows you to customize workflows that precisely match your business needs by combining different triggers, rules, and actions.

Triggers are the conditions upon which workflows are activated. Rules provide additional logic to refine these workflows. Actions dictate what happens once a workflow is triggered.

You can send automated follow-ups to customers, offer personalized discounts, and re-engage inactive customers. By automating these interactions, you ensure timely and relevant communication, fostering customer loyalty and driving repeat business.

Pricing: The plugin is available at $159 a year.

14. Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

Often, store owners have to migrate data from one store to another or update the data in the current store. The Import Export Suite for WooCommerce from WebToffee is an all-in-one solution for data migration needs.

The tool facilitates the smooth transfer of products, orders, customers, coupons, subscriptions, and reviews. It offers faster and more advanced methods, which you can choose depending on the volume of data involved.

The plugin supports different product types, such as simple, variable, grouped, and others. Advanced filters provide precise control over what data gets exported. The suite also supports migrating images, categories, tags, and custom metadata.

The bulk update feature allows you to bulk edit or update existing store data during imports. Moreover, you can schedule import or export using FTP/SFTP profiles, simplifying regular data transfers.

Pricing: The paid version of this data migration suite starts at $129 a year.

15. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

This plugin helps store owners tackle cart abandonments and recoup lost sales by capturing users’ email addresses on the checkout page. Suppose a purchase isn’t completed within 15 minutes.

In that case, it triggers a series of automated follow-up emails, thus re-engaging potential customers.

You can also generate unique checkout links for each shopper and add them to the follow-up email. The link conveniently brings the customer back to their prefilled checkout page, reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Furthermore, the plugin has ready-to-use templates for automated emails. Also, it enables store owners to generate limited-time discount coupons to entice hesitant shoppers.

Pricing: The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin is $99 a year.


The WooCommerce plugins you choose can make or break your store. So, take a thoughtful approach rather than settling for the first option that catches your eye. Evaluate each tool against your business objectives, enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations.

Prioritizing WooCommerce plugins that meet your needs and requirements will help your store thrive. With adequate thought behind every tool you choose, you, too, can propel your WooCommerce store to new heights.