How to Use External Websites for Marketing?



external websites for business
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When you have finished setting up your online business and want to keep it on track and expand it, you may think about getting the help of external websites.

External websites help spread your business worldwide, and marketers take help from these sites, whether social networking platforms, video marketing, advertisement services, or blog forums.

It helps build backlinks for their sites, increasing their domain authority and trust, and Google shows high-quality sites as their preferences.

But the question is how to use this service and expand your business for better reach. In this post, we will learn how to take advantage of external or 3rd party websites for our business.

Take advantage of external websites like:

1. Medium

external websites medium

Medium is a content writing site where anyone can write any content to Medium. It is one of the most trusted sites, having a global rank of under 300 and a high DA. There are millions of monthly visitors to Medium, and this site provides free article writing on their website.

As it is a top-rated site, you can submit or write your articles and paste a link to your website to the paper, so it creates a backlink to your website.

Articles on Medium rank very quickly in Google, which can help you engage more traffic to your links. If anyone is reading an article you wrote on Medium and you have included links to your website or posts, readers will likely click on the link and be redirected to your website.

So, it helps get traffic and, hence, more leads and conversions.

Medium has the facility to import your posts just by pasting the link of your posts, and you don’t have to write anything by yourself. The entire content will be copied to Medium’s editor.

You can also edit that article, add anything you want, like pictures, links, and embedded video code, and publish it on Medium.

While Medium is a free platform, there is an option for members to read unlimited articles on Medium. Membership is not compulsory if you want to post content for backlinks and drive traffic.

You should comply with their policies when using Medium, or Medium may suspend your account.

Some policies you should be aware of are:

  • If you want to copy the articles on your website, you can import them or paste them with a disclosure that this article was originally posted elsewhere. This feature is present in Medium and will show the actual website from where the content is taken. It helps readers know that the post was initially taken from another source.
  • Do not copy the articles that have already been published on Medium. Medium has a copyright privacy policy, and you should comply with it.
  • Including affiliate links is accepted in Medium, but you must mention in the article that it is an affiliate link. You may receive a commission if someone purchases any product from this link.
  • Do not spam. Try to make the contents spam-free and not include unwanted links that will land users on unnecessary websites or pages. Keep your posts clean to help the readers read your content.

2. Quora

external websites quora

Quora is a platform for asking questions and giving answers to those questions. People ask their inquiries, and someone who knows the answer can reply to their questions.

It is a Question-Answer platform, and currently, it has a Global rank of 85, so it is a powerful website with millions of registered users.

Quora easily ranks in Google, and it is a best practice to ask questions and give answers in Quora. But, you might think about how it helps in your business. Let us understand it with an example:

Suppose a person asks a question relevant to your business or niche; then you can answer the question and include your website link somewhere in the answer. So, people will be much more likely to visit the link for more information, which helps drive audiences to your website.

You can answer about any business, services, ideas you know, or products, and it helps people to understand more about your business and you. Similarly, you can also ask any question, and people will reply.

So, you will understand what people know and help grow your product, service, and business.

Besides, Quora also runs Ads so you can run your Ad campaign in Quora. It will show the users of Quora it helps drive traffic to your business and helps in sales growth. It is an Ad service similar to Google Ads, but your Ad will be shown within Quora.

You should be aware of Quora’s privacy policy and comply with it. Quora might delete your account if you do not comply with their policies.

Some of the policies while using Quora:

  • Do not post unnecessary answers that are not related to the question. Always try to answer as per the topic of the question, and if you don’t know the answer, ignore it.
  • Do not promote your answers. Remember that you did not directly promote your business or product through the solution. Don’t include promotional links to attract users to your business.
  • Avoid spamming. Do not only answer the question with images, videos, or external links. Always include text to answer it, and don’t make it in a way that readers will think is spam.

3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the best social site to find professionals. Professionals make their profiles on LinkedIn so they can connect with other users or people having similar interests or passions.

You can join LinkedIn groups to find similar professions based on your business or niche and contact them. It helps to reach people who might be interested in your industry.

On LinkedIn, you can create your company’s page and post about your business and products. People will observe, and you can drive more traffic to your website.

Unlike many other social sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is known for its business value. It provides many services to marketers to grow their businesses.

You can get help with LinkedIn Ads to promote your content and reach more consumers.

Also, it is the best platform for Jobseekers. Many businesses find their employees through LinkedIn by connecting to them.

You can post job offers, and people can reach you by commenting, messaging, or sending a connection request. You can create your team to work remotely and share your updates.

4. YouTube

YouTube logo

When we think about marketing through video, YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind. YouTube is the largest video platform, and businesses make their channel on YouTube to post regular updates.

But, to attract many visitors and subscribers, you need to optimize your video from both YouTube and SEO perspectives.

YouTube has much competition, and different channels upload many similar videos. So, you can outrank them by optimizing your videos.

How do you optimize videos for YouTube?

You should put great content in the video while making any video about your business, whether it is a product review, introductory video, sales, growth, or testimonials. Keep the video length perfect and have a relevant topic.

Choose the correct keywords for the title and description of your video. Make a great thumbnail and include your business and other social links in the description of your YouTube video.

People can click the links and check the description when watching your video. It will land them on your website or product.

There are many tools available that can help you to check the SEO score of your video, like VidIQ. These tools will show you what is lacking in your video, title, description, and tags.

You can also show your competitor’s video score, which you can compare. It will show you the engagement ratio and can connect with social sites to know the number of shares and likes.

These tools will help you with the overall statistics of any video. You can learn how to make an excellent video for YouTube.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to reach a wider audience. You can share engaging content and interact with your followers and interested audience to build relationships.
  • Write guest post articles for external websites with similar niches to help establish your authority.
  • You can collaborate with other businesses or influencers with similar audiences to reach new customers.
  • Use Ads platforms like Google Ads or social media ads like Meta Ads Manager to target specific demographics and increase your visibility.


What are external websites for marketing?

External marketing websites are platforms outside your website that you can use to promote your business. These include social media sites, blogs, forums, advertising platforms, etc.

How can partnerships and collaborations help in marketing?

Partnerships and collaborations allow you to tap into another business or influencer’s audience, helping you reach potential customers.


External websites are beneficial for growing your business. You can take the help of backlinks to improve your ranking and DA. They help your business to reach more audiences and make your business trustworthy.

From sharing posts to article submission sites to social networking platforms. Your online business can grow using them correctly and using their features.

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