How to Use Blog as An Online Business?

blog as business


So, You are ready with your blog but don’t know how to make money and use it as your business? Don’t worry. You are not alone and are reading this post because you want to make blogging a source of passive income.

Blogs can indeed make decent money if you use them wisely. Many bloggers earn millions of dollars per year.

But the question is how some blogs are so successful while others struggle to make money. In this post, we will know how to make money through blogs and the business you can start with your blog immediately.

Also, you don’t have to be an experienced blogger to start these businesses. If you have a blog, you can start or if you don’t own a blog, then read this post that will help you create your blog.

How to Start Blogging Using WordPress: Beginners Guide

Now, let’s look at the methods through which you can make money through your blog:

1. Monetizing the blog with Ads

blog monetization

One of the easy and best ways to make money through a blog is monetization through Ads. Bloggers show the advertisement on their blogs, and if someone visits or clicks the Ad, they get paid. Ads are of two types:


CPC means Cost-Per-Click, also known as PPC(Pay-Per-Click). This ad will be placed on your pages, and you will get paid when someone clicks on that ad.

2. CPM

Cost-Per-Impression is the type of Ad when your Ad will hit 1000 impressions. Then you will get paid. Whether visitors click on an Ad or not, you will get paid for images.

But how do you monetize blogs for Ads?

Different Ad services will show you Ads on your blogs like Google Adsense and You can sign up for these services and submit your blog for showing Ads. If your blog meets the specific criteria fixed by these services, it will be approved quickly.

Once approved, your blog can show Ads on your web pages. You can choose where to display the Ads and their types, like Banners, Contextual.

To start showing the Ads, you need to paste a small piece of code in your HTML or WordPress site provided by your Ad service. You can check the eligibility criteria for showing Ads from their official website.

The payout will depend on the ad type set by the advertiser and the traffic you will get.

2. Selling digital products on a blog

digital product

A blog is a suitable place to sell digital products to your visitors. If you have enough traffic, then you can get some conversions. If your blog has a particular niche that can be used to sell digital products, then you should try it.

These products can be:

  • Ebooks
  • Multimedia files like Images, Music, Videos
  • Themes, plugins, Apps, Software
  • Online courses, Tutorials

Keep in mind that do not start listing products immediately. Ask your visitors what they want by Email surveys.

If they need some products you can sell, then start this business through your blog.

3. Do affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the trending and growing businesses. There are so many affiliate marketers that are earning decent money by promoting affiliate products.

Blogs can be a place for affiliate promotion. Your blog will get organic and social traffic to your affiliate products.

If you are a member of any affiliate program, you can write a review of their products and add your affiliate link. You will get paid a commission when someone buys the product through your link.

You can also include the affiliate links of the Ecommerce site like Amazon Associates if you are writing any Ecommerce product reviews.

4. Paid sponsorship


When your blog gets enough monthly traffic, people interested in promoting their products or Ads can contact you for paid sponsorship. In sponsorship, you just put their articles with their website links or banners of their Ads.

You can charge them a specific price and make them permanent clients. You will earn money monthly whenever they ask you to add articles or Ads.

In sponsorship, you don’t have to worry about the clicks and visits to their articles or banners. They will pay you when you publish sponsored posts or Ads.

No matter whether their posts and Ads are getting views or not.

If your blog’s Domain Authority(DA) is good, around 50+ people can contact you for sponsorship. The more the DA, the more impressions and clicks your blog will get.

Advertisers consider high-authoritative blogs so that their posts and Ads get visits and clicks.

5. Private Ads

blog advertising

Advertisers choose some advertising partners like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other networks to show their Ads because they have high traffic and many active users. It helps the advertiser to reach their Ads worldwide.

Similarly, if your blog has a significant audience base and is reputed on the Internet, the advertisers will contact you to place their ads on your blog.

The advertiser may be an individual or a company.

One of the best benefits of private advertising is you will earn all the amount and will not have to share a part of your profit with any Ad networks like Google Adsense. You can set your rate as per your choice.

Private Ads can be Banners, Links, or Buttons. You can place them on your blog as per your advertiser’s wish. You can also caption your advertiser in their ads so that visitors can know them.

Charge them a one-time or monthly payment. Many successful blogs show Ads, and bloggers earn a good amount of money.

6. Selling your WordPress blog


If you know how to make blogs using WordPress, earning possibilities are limitless. Many businesses buy ready-made websites or blogs to use in their business.

Once you make your blog and get traffic, you can sell it and make money for your efforts.

You should know which types of websites are in demand and how much you can make by selling them.

Some websites like Flippa can help you with this. It is a type of auction site for selling websites.

7. Host webinars


webinars are famous for creating an audience base and brand awareness and sharing knowledge and experience to grow your business. If your blog is doing well and becomes a brand that people know about, you can host paid webinars.

Users can register, watch your live show, and ask questions through webinars. You can answer their query and share your experience and efforts that you took while making the blog.

Nowadays, people join webinars to learn something new from an experienced person.

8. Start an eCommerce business from a blog


If you want to sell physical products, you can start an online store within your blog. WordPress helps to make a shop in your blog from a plugin called WooCommerce.

Starting an online shop takes time and money since you must buy and ship the products to the customers. If you think you can be successful in E-commerce, you can try making a shop section in your blog.

You can also try alternatives to WooCommerce like Shopify or BigCommerce.

9. Creating paid membership blog


If your readers enjoy your content, you can start a members-only area and charge them for membership. You can share more content, posts, videos, photos, audio, or software with these members’ areas.

And the users who paid to get access can only visit those contents.

For membership sites, you must create regular high-quality content that can attract more members and be loved by your paying members.

You will earn recurring revenue through their subscription. Make sure that your premium content should be different from your free content.

The Bottom Line

Blogging is a type of business. Blogs are not just for providing information to the users, but it works as an earning platform. Many successful bloggers earn a full-time income through blogs.

Using your blog described above, you can get many customers and provide services and products. Many networks work with a blog to promote their advertisements, and you can make a profit.

Make your blog a source of information and passive income.

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