Link Building: The Correct Way to Do It for SEO

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Link Building can be a game changer for your website if you do it right. If your business is not building a good quality backline, it won’t overgrow.

Google’s Search Engine algorithm provides prominence, fame, and name. To get this all into your pocket, you must know some useful tricks and techniques to build High-Quality links that will flourish your business.

Besides there are three main pillars of SEO: relevance, distance, and prominence. It would be best if you succeeded in making these pillars very strong to get a high-quality link that’ll rank on the top.

Remember to get some votes of confidence for your web page; the more votes, the more high-quality backlinks. It is more challenging than it sounds, but following the right path will surely lead you to the correct ways. 

If you’re looking for fantastic ways to find High-quality links, you’re at the exact place, and here you can find all the relevant information you need. So let’s start digging!

1. How do you Find High-Quality Links?

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You might need clarification about high-quality links and how to locate them. Worry not; we’ve got you covered, and you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

Link Building is a practice that will improve your Google rankings, so knowing whether the link is good or bad is essential. Good and bad links can destroy your ranking if you do not choose them correctly.

There are many proper ways to identify and find good and high-quality links. Firstly double, check the authority of the page. Authority is the first prominent factor that directly connects you to high-quality links.

SEO is like playing a game of poker with your competitors while Google is the dealer. Also, look for infographics, which have been famous for building high-quality backlinks since 2009. 

Famous publications like The Verge, Huffington Post, and Mashable support infographics daily to build better links; the audience loves them too. 

Moreover, consider Guest Blogging since it is one of the best ways to justify your name over the internet. Guest blogging is a valuable technique to drive a good amount of traffic and build a high-quality link.

The citation was once famous for creating high-quality links, but it is still relevant. You can also try this method, as local sources help spread your business worldwide while building a good backlink.

2. Useful Techniques for Creating High-Quality Links

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You can use many techniques to create a high-quality backlink to nourish your business; some are below.

2.1 Email Marketing

To create a high-quality backlink for your Email Marketing, you must write a strong subject line that grabs the reader’s attention and attracts them to your website. 

Try rounding up your best content and adding it to your email. Try to send a weekly Email newsletter to the leads but remember to do it sparing. You can also use survey methods, like feedback and ratings on your content and products.

Email Marketing is easy to build strong relationships with different leads; you have to plan your campaign so uniquely that your competitors can not beat you easily.

2.2 Email Outreach

There are many ways to Email Outreaching, but the most prominent ones that’ll work wonders on your influencers are sum-up your email campaign into the subject. Summing up a thousand words into a single line can be challenging. 

However, when you become a pro summing up your content into the subject line, you’ll see how your contents rank on the top. Be creative and talk about your content expertly with 100% confidence. 

Moreover, treat your influencers like your buddies, and show interest in their work so they’ll also try to look into yours. Appreciate their work and try communicating with them to build a better relationship.

Follow your pitch and make your voice considerable. If you’re contacting someone for the first time, try providing a shorter pitch, longer ones can be slightly boring and time-consuming. Make an attractive approach to your clients so they can accept your work easily.

2.3 White Hat Link Building

White hat link only focuses on building original and organic links. It is highly preferred because it generates results that directly align to search engine optimization. White Hat link building is a long-term strategy and is more intensive.

Guest post outreach is the most common and helpful technique to build a better White Hat Link to connect and build long-lasting relationships with other site owners.

You can also use HARO, which is a free tool that connects the journalist to the experts. HARO might help obtain high-quality backlinks from hardworking high-authority websites.  

Lastly, to obtain victory in White Hat Linking, build a network. It is a very effective way to create high-quality backlinks. You can perform this action by using different social media sites. White Hat Linking is the best way known for driving traffic and SEO ranking.

2.4 Nofollow Vs. Dofollow

Although Nofollow and Dofollow achieve the same goal and work, like linking the original site to the destination site, how they talk to the search engine is different. 

The passing of the Dofollow backlink is called Juice Link and works in terms of SEO, while Nofollow does not follow the term SEO.

Dofollow backlinks help improve a website’s domain authority and rating, which raises the keyword ranking. At the same time, Nofollow does not help make domain authority and rating. 

Some clients think Nofollow is a bad link, but it is not. They contain fewer SEO benefits but drive a limited amount of traffic to your website. It also adds diversity to your portfolios. 

A Dofollow link is an easy way to identify a link and pass link juice to the website’s authority. In contrast, Nofollow links do not give any juice links. 

A Dofollow link is a direct term for improving SEO, and a Nofollow link is an indirect term for SEO improvement. 

Moreover, both links function similarly, but Google looks at them differently. It depends on the tag used by the link, and as you may have noticed, the Dofollow link has a more excellent value than the Nofollow link.

Almost 65% of marketers state that building a high-quality link is a challenging SEO task not everyone can do. Still, with the help of proper backlinking, you can surely achieve your goal. So think twice and choose wisely!

3. Benefits of Link Building

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The main benefit of link Building is that if a reader finds authentic content in your niches, they find your website on the top rather than your competitors’ websites. 

Besides, Link Building has many benefits, but the most common and essential five benefits are mentioned below.

  • Link building is an essential technique in SEO; search engine optimization comes to play after building a good backline.
  • It improves your ranking on Google; most people find a website from the first page. A proper link ranks your website on the first page and automatically drives traffic toward it.
  • A good number of organic traffic is quite essential for every business. The main benefit of building links is that organic customers find their way to you.
  • Moreover, it increases the domain authority of the page. Site authority is a significant indicator that helps in flourishing your business.
  • Lastly, it increases sales, which is the most crucial benefit of link building. Your sales pitch increases incredibly because of the trafficking on your page.

It is essential for every growing business. Choose your links wisely and have a flourishing business that could take you to the moon.

4. What Makes a Good Link?

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Going to the past, the Search Engine Optimization of Google was free because of the quality of the links. With time the quality of the links improved as the SEO charges increased too.

Not all links are good; some may be bad too. A good link compresses over three elements.

  • Relevance
  • Trust
  • Diversity

If you can find a link with the above three elements, consider yourself a winner in the poker game, with Google as the dealer.  

However, five qualities make a good link. Look for a relevant website. Relevancy is the first prominent factor in getting a good link.

Secondly, search for trustworthy websites, as every person in this universe is unreliable. Just like that, all links are not suitable to trust. Before picking out the link, check some reviews from authentic users to get a high-quality backlink. 

Thirdly, look out for editorial senses; when a reader reads some content, the information must be purely researched, making a specific sense.

Fourth, try to earn a good link; Google also has a link scheme. To make good links, you must pay money for goods or free products for the links. But remember to avoid indulging in any plan that might destroy your website.

Lastly, the fifth is making a perfect link; a good link only sometimes requires perfectness. Getting a good link takes a lot of work; when you get a good link, you automatically get qualified traffic to your website. 

Making a good link might be bumpy, but following the above five steps, you can get a good link over your table.

5. Link Building Services

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There are two types of SEO, Local SEO and Technical SEO. Both require different Link Building Services. After making a website, you cannot wait for the customers to come to your website like a miracle.

Miracles don’t happen in the tech world; after building a website, you must avail of Link Building Services to bring traffic to your business. 

It would be best if you need clarification about how to avail of link-building services; now, look for almost ten or more influencers who would make great link partners.

Also, you can use BuzzSumo, a free tool to help you find famous influencers for building links.

Hop into the conversations over famous social media sites like Twitter and Traackr. Introduce yourself or your business to ongoing discussions.

Try to highlight links in your content about famous experts; also, reach out to bloggers and ask them to write an honest review of your services. Always add high-quality and authentic content to your website that everybody can adore.

Without proper research and sensible content, all the above steps or tricks might be useless, as no one wants terrible link-building services.

If you want to spend a manageable amount on link-building services, follow our simple steps to avail yourself of the benefit of Link Building almost free of cost.

6. Link Building Tools

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Link Building tool is a handy and authentic way to get or build high-quality backlinks. Many famous tools include Ahrefs, Linkody, HARO, and Buzzstream, with good packages per month or year.

Ahref is the world’s most significant backline indicator. It has a robust keywords searching tool, a rank tracker, and technical site audits. It is specially designed for SEO pros with a huge list of advanced features.

However, Buzzstream is also almost the same as Ahref. Buzzstream is a valuable tool in email outreach organizations.

You can use Buzzstream to manage your conversations and campaign tracks for multiple projects effectively.

While on the other hand, GroupHigh is a good option for bloggers; it helps get a high outreach in blogging. GroupHigh is said to be the world’s largest blog search engine.  

Moreover, Linkody is known as a user-friendly backline tracker, the cheapest tool available in the market right now.

Linkody is different from Ahref, but if you’re a new user with a low budget, then consider Linkody your best option.


Cracking up Google’s search engine optimization is time-consuming, tricky, and full-trial. Still, you can crack it up with proper research and guidance within a few minutes.

This article will help you find fantastic ways to build a link that will work wonders for your SEO ranking. So, why are you waiting? Follow the guide mentioned above and increase your reach.